The Ancient Mariners; 300 years of combined experience. This band is the quintessential band for Celtic and World variety music. The Celtic music is a stunning sound.  We then mix with music that reflects the “melting pot” of America. The musicians have been the main musicians (a significant backbone) for these bands:

Tom Jones, Jackstraws, Swamp Critters, Lambs Players, Repertory Theater, Raggle Taggle, The Clay Coulton Band, and Spirit Wind.

The music is great for the Flower Stage near the beer garden. Adults like this Celtic Music for drinking;

At the same time, families hear the music and are always exuberant.

We have recently played at the Busking Festival and got comments like

“You are the best band for Seaport Village”  or

“You are such a fun group of people”

These musicians are studio musicians…

Every time they perform it is like a recording session!


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